The controlled environment inspection room at WPE uses both modern and traditional inspection techniques to suit each type of component produced and more importantly to verify that various measurements are correct

Complex forms produced on our machining centres may be inspected using our co-ordinate measuring machine which has manual and fully programmable checking routines with the facility to produce reports for individual or a whole batch of components. Ideal for vital part production or first article reports.

We also have facilities for checking roundness on turned components as well as the more traditional measuring tools.

In compliance with Quality Control Standards, all inspection equipment items have a calibration schedule and recorded calibrations traceable to national standards.

WPE can produce first article inspection reports and can also operate under Statistical Process control to suit customer requirements. Using the ‘Net Inspect System’, inspection results and material certificates are available ‘online’ to relevant registered customers.


  • Swift Pro Cam
  • Talyrond roundness indicater
  • Mitutoyo SJ-410 surface measurement device
  • Vision Mantis.
  • CMM
  • Vision EvoCam (up to 300X magnification.)
  • Endoscope with capilities of viewing holes or intersections down to a 1MM diameter.