Here at Webber, in respect to our Milling capacity, we have a total of 4 CNC milling machines, accompanied by 2 bridgeport manual mills. Our milling capabilities include a CNC bridgeport, two YCM mills, and our new 5 Axis YCM machine. The maximum capabilities we have is 1 meter X 1 meter. We manufacture quantities ranging from 1 offs, up to large production runs. We undertake milling in all materials including exotics such as Titanium, nimonic and Monel.

Our CNC Milling services produces a wide range of components, enclosures & covers, valve bodies, various mechanical and avionic components as well as supporting the turning section producing milled & drilled features on turned components.

Many of the components are inspected with our CMM providing assurance that they meet drawing dimensional and tolerance conditions especially where the more complex and tight tolerance items are concerned.

CNC Milling